Friday, May 18, 2012

Easy Data Recovery on Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone

Your Samsung Galaxy I1900 mobile phone is the third hand on your body! You use it extensively, taking pictures with families or your friends, recording videos for your birthday party or a wonderful show, enjoying music from the internet, etc. But what if you have deleted all of your photos, videos and songs by accident on your mobile? Or formatted the SD card of your phone by mistake? I can image that how heartbreaking it is to lose all your amazing memory which seems like a diary of your current life. Is it a way to recover pictures, videos or songs you deleted or lost on your mobile phone? Yes, it is! There are some mobile data recovery software available to so.
Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone
Method 1: If you have a memory card (Most of them are Micro SD cards.), it is easier to recover your files.
Step 1. Take out the SD card off your Samsung Galaxy Note phone, put it into a card reader. Plug the card reader into your computer. Or connect your phone with your pc directly via USB cable. Why you need to do so is to make your phone or memory card appear in "My Computer".
Step 2. Download a mobile data recovery software, here I recommend you Tenorshare Data Recovery, simply because I had tried it and it worked. And install it on your computer and launch it.
Step 3. Open Tenorshare Data Recovery and scan your SD card to get your photos, videos and songs back.

Method 2: If your files are saved o n the phone memory or you can say built-in SD card, you need to follow below instructions to make your Samsung phone show as a drive letter on y our PC.
Step 1. Connect your phone with PC via USB cable. A USB icon will appear in the notification area at the top of the phone screen.
Step 2. Pull down the notification and tap "USB connected".
Step 3. Tap "Mount" on the dialog box that's displayed.
Step 4. Two removable drives will show up on my PC; one for the built-in SD card, and the other is the expansion/external SD card.
Step 5. Continue Step 2 in Method 1.

Are you in need of data recovery on your mobile phone? Why not try the above methods to recover your files from mobile phone?

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  1. but there is no option as usb connected shows mtp n utp connected

    1. First, make your Samsung phone memory shows up as a drive letter on your computer.
      1. Plug in the USB cable and a USB icon appears in the notification area at the top of the screen.
      2. Pull down the notification and tap "USB connected".
      3. Tap "Mount" on the dialog box that's displayed.
      4. Two removable drives show up on my PC; one for the built-in flash memory, and one for the expansion SD card.
      Secondly, get a mobile data recovery software to scan your phone to look for lost data. You can try Tenorshare Data Recovery. I had succeed to recover deleted photos from my Samsung phone with it.


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