Monday, September 17, 2012

Tips on How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone From My Personal Experience

I and my families took a bunch of pitures on a family party last week, had some iPhone issues last weekend and ended up having to restore from a back-up. I did not synced my photos to my Mac - Is it possible that they are still on my iPhone, if anywhere? Anyway, all of the photos I'd taken since my last back-up are gone, but I'm wondering if they are still anywhere on my phone....

Don't worry if you have the same thing happen to your iPhone. There are two way to recover deleted or lost photos from iPhone device with ease. 
Method 1: Retrieve deleted photos from iphone with previous backup
Firstly, connect the iPhone to iTunes ( if not set to automatically back up when connected).
Secondly, back your iPhone data. Right click on your iPhone under devices and click "Back Up".
Thirdly, to restore from a previous backup, right click on yoru iPhone under Devices in iTUnes and click "Restore from Backup".
Next, you can then choose which iPhone backup file you want to restore from.

Totally awesome that iTunes offers us iPhone, iPod and iPad users recent backup point to restore lost or deleted data.

Method 2: Get back deleted photos from iPhone with data recovery software
What if you didn't have enough time to make a back up file for photos on your iPhone? Then you had better pray you have sync your iPhone with iTunes before you lost your photos. Only if you have do that, you can get the deleted or lost photos back with some kind of iPhone data recovery software. In this case, I had recover deleted photos from iphone 4S by using Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. It features a user-friendly interface that make it easy-to-use. With a few mouse clicks, I got all my family pictures back! Oh, yep, don't expect to get back deleted photos from iPhone for free! Like do not expect to get a free application from Apple Store. :)

That is all for how to recover deleted photos from iphone. You may choose the method that fit your situation.

There are always some natural and man-made calamities that take place whenever and wherever. I guess my situation is the exact reason why one should back up data regularly. So, there is no gurantee for your iPhone data, only if you make backup for your important thing on iPhone for every second. Therefore, why not get an iPhone data recovery software to prevent data loss from your iPhone? Here is a refered site for you to learn more about it:

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hero Lee

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