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How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from iPhone 4S

How to get back text messages that was accidently deleted from iPhone 4S?
I accidently deleted all the text messages from my boyfriend. I don't know how I deleted them. It just happened. The phone was in my hand, and when I looked down the messages were all gone, how to get deleted text messages from iPhone 4S?
If you just came across such issue. You just need the help from an iPhone data recovery program. iPhone Data Recovery allows users to recover deleted text messages from both iOS device and iTunes backup (supports all iOS devices). It respectively provides Windows and Mac users simple and effective ways to recover deleted text messages and iMessage.
Download this program and see how to restore and export SMS from iPhone with this iPhone SMS Recovery program easily.

Way 1: retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone with iTunes
1. Select the Recovery Mode. Run the program on your computer, and choose the type of your device. When it comes to choose a recovery mode, select "Recover from iTunes Backup File".
2. Scan the Backup File. Choose the backup file of your device in the window below, and click "Start Scan". Then you just need to wait for the scanning results.
3. Check and Recover deleted SMS. Select "Text Messages" in the lists of scanning results. Now you can preview the deleted or lost text and make your choice to recover whatever you want, by simply checking and clicking "Recover" button.
iPhone text messages recovery

Way 2: How to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 4S directly

First step: Connect your iPhone to Computer and choose your Device. To begin with, install the program on your computer and run it. Then connect your iPhone to the computer.

Second step: Select the Recovery Mode. Different from the recovery mode chosen in part 1, here you should select "Recover from iOS Device". There are two options for different iOS device. If you are iPhone 5/4S user, you can click "Start Scan" button to scan your lost iPhone text directly.
Third step: Enter the DFU Mode and Start Scanning (iPhone 5/4S will skip this step)
You need to enter the DFU mode to scan your iPhone 4/3GS for lost data files. So follow the 3 steps below:
1) Hold your device and click "Start" in the pop-up window.
2) Hold both "Power" and "Home" buttons for 10 seconds.
3) Release the “Power” button but not the "Home" button after 10 seconds. Release “Home" button after another 10 seconds. Then you'll be told that you've successfully entered DFU mode.
Now wait when iOS Data Recovery is automatically scanning your iPhone for lost or deleted data files

The last step: Check and find deleted text messages on iPhone 4S. Check "Text Messages" in the list of scanning results on the left. Choose those you'd like to get back and click "Recover" to restore them on your computer
What’s more
iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful recovery tool which enables you to recover deleted text messages from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch easily and quickly. With it, you can also get back all your lost iPhone data and files, such as photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and calendars, even Safari bookmarks as you like.

Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iPhone Step by Step

How to retrieve deleted photos from iPhone?
I recently restored my iPhone and got all of my data except for my photos. I have a backup, but I have not taken any pictures since they were lost. I haven’t changed the iPhone at all. Please Help!

If you are troubled by the same problems, please continue reading. If you want to recover iPhone photos quickly, here I don’t want to introduce some possible ways, let us learn the applied way directly. This way is using a third-party data recovery program. You may find lots of such tools in the internet, and today we will use iTunes Data Recovery- a professionally software highly recommended by iPhone users who lost photos on iPhone.

Why so many people like iTunes Data Recovery?
1. Recover all the iPhone data, including photos, text messages, contacts, notes etc.
2. Works on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and more iPhone versions.
3. 100% recovery, safe and efficient.
4. Cheap but useful.

iphone photo recovery

How to recover deleted photos from iPhone backup file by using iTunes Data Recovery

Every time you sync your iPhone with iTunes in your computer, your backup will be update at the same time. However, you cannot view the content of backup or write them. And iTunes Data Recovery enables you to extract photos from iPhone to computer. Look at the step-by-step guide in the following:
Step-1: Download iTunes Data Recovery on your computer, and install it.
Step-2: Launch this program after installing, and then this tool will spot all the iPhone backup files on the computer, and list on the interface. Check the iTunes backup files you need to recover photos, click “Start Scan” to scan for the lost pictures.
Step-3: After the scanning completed, you can see all the photos in the iTunes backup will be presented in front of you. Preview the photos before recovery.
Step-4: Check iPhone photos on by one or select “All” and click “Recover” to finish the iPhone photo recovery.
Recovering photos from iPhone backup is relatively simple to implement.

Kind note: Don’t synced your iPhone with iTunes after lost photos, for the old data maybe over written the new one, then you can’t recover deleted pictures from iPhone backup any more.

Monday, May 20, 2013

iPhone Photo Recovery-Guidelines to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

I believe that it is bad to delete the iPhone photos which very important by mistake for every iPhone users. Don't frustrate about the lost when deleted photos by mistake. It is truly easy to recover deleted photos from iPhone. Below are some detail methods to show you how to do.

iPhone Data Recovery, which is an excellent tool in recovering your lost photo on iPhone, No matter you are using iPhone 4/4s or newly iPhone 5. Not only can it recover deleted photos by directly scanning your iPhone, but also has the ability to retrieve lost or deleted photos from the iTunes backup files if you ever synced them with your iTunes library. It's so powerful that it recovers your files with no foolproof and fast.
iPhone photo recovery

Method 1, How to retrieve deleted photos from iPhone without Backup
Firstly, you need to download iPhone Data Recovery from its official site, and install it on your PC.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC, and launch iPhone Data Recovery. In this device, choose “Recover Data from iOS Device” windows”
Step 2: Enter DFU mode. (If you are iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S users, skip this step).
1. Hold your iPhone and click the "Start" button in iPhone Data Recovery.
2. Immediately hold down the "Power" and "Home" buttons on your iPhone for 10 seconds. This iPhone Photo Recovery will show you the countdown.
3. In 10 seconds, release the "Power" button only, but continue holding the "Home" button for about 10 seconds. You'll then successfully enter your iPhone’s file system.
4. Release the "Home" button and click the "Start Scan" button to scan deleted photo on your iPhone.
Step 3: After few minutes, you can preview photos from the windows, just check the photos you need to recover, and click “Recover“ button to finish the recovery.

Method 2, Recover deleted pictures from iPhone backup files
Follow below steps to recover your deleted photos from iTunes backup:
First step: launching iPhone data recovery on your computer, choose “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File”. Then select the iTunes backup you need to recover photos, and click “Start Scan” to scan for the lost photos.
Second step: Then you will see all the backup photos are displayed on the program. You can preview then one by one. Then check those you want and click the “Recover” button to save them on your computer.

If you want to find more about how to recover deleted photos from iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, visit this YouTube tutorial: how to recover deleted photos from iPhone

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

iPhone 5 Photo Recovery-When You Need to Recover Photos from iPhone 5

How do I recover a photo I accidentally lost on my iPhone 5?
I restore my iPhone 5 by mistake and I'm not really that mad except that it contained over 1000 photos. I never really had an urge to download them onto my Windows computer. Is there a way to recover photos from iPhone 5?

There are still more situations of this kind making you suffer from the photo loss. If you ever found yourself in that annoying situation, do not feel hopeless, I can assure you that it is not the end of the world. When the photo is transferred from somewhere else, you can get it again. But if the photo comes from the camera roll on your iPhone and there is no backup, you have to recover it with a third-party tool.

iPhone Data Recovery is a good program to solve iPhone photo recovery issues. It helps you easily recover lost or deleted photos & videos, contacts, SMS, call logs, memos and calendars, even Safari bookmarks from iPhone 5. With the help of it, you can easily recover photos from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS or iTunes backup.
recover photos from iPhone 5

Method 1 Recover Photos from iPhone Directly

First Step. Download, install and run the iPhone data recovery software. And then connect your iPhone with your computer. Click “Start Scan” to find your lost data.
iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S needn’t to enter DFU mode, if you are not iPhone 5 or iPhone 4 users, follow the steps here before scan:
1. Hold your iPhone and click "Start".
2. Press "Home" and "Power" button at the same time when you click "Start", and hold for 10 seconds. The program will count it for you.
3. After 10 seconds passing, release "Power" and keep pressing "Home" for another 10 seconds.
When you're told that you've successfully entered the DFU mode, the program will automatically scan your iPhone for data.
Second Step. After the scan, you can preview all found data in categories. To preview your photos, you can choose Camera Roll or Photo Stream. Photos found here are not only those deleted, but also includes those still on your iPhone. If you only want to get those deleted pictures, you can refine the result by sliding the button in the red area on the interface below, to only display deleted items. Mark those you want and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Methods 2 iPhone Photo Recovery from iTunes Backup

Two simple steps to recover photos from iPhone after restore from iTunes backup.
STEP-1. Choose the iPhone backup to scan
Install and run the iPhone Data Recovery program on your PC. Don't connect and sync your iPhone with iTunes when you recover data from your iPhone. You'll have to choose your device type to scan first.
After checking your device type and selecting "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File" mode, all iDevice backups will be showed here. You only need to choose the backup of your iPhone, and proceed to "Start Scan".
STEP-2. Recover iPhone 5 Photos
After finish scanning, all contents in iTunes backup file have been displayed, and you can preview and check them one by one. Check those you want back and hit to "Recover" and select a path to save them.

What you should know: After finding photos missing from your iPhone and before recovering the deleted photos, in case of data loss, you should not use iPhone anymore until you find those photos, or connect and sync iPhone to iTunes, otherwise iTunes may take a new backup of iPhone overwriting the old backup file, and then you will never be able to get back your lost photos.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lost All Contacts on iPhone But Want to Get Them Back?

My sister has an iPhone 4s. She wanted to update to iOS 6. In the process, it took too long so she shut her phone off. No it won't start anymore but still see a flashing Apple logo. I guess she stopped it in the middle of the iOS updating process. She's never used iTunes to sync on the computer and didn't activate the iCloud either. Any way to recover lost all contacts on iPhone?

Here is two easy lost iPhone contacts recovery options for you:
Option 1. Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone from iTunes Backup for Free
Here is a Free solution to get your lost data back. The first thing you should do is to mak e sure whether you have ever made a backup for all your stuff. If you have, you can restore iPhone from backup to get your files back for free.
To restore your phone from a previous backup, connect your phone to the computer which you store the backup on. Do a right-clickon your phone and choose "Restore from Backup". Then your contents will be back to your phone. If you have another iPhone, you can connect it to iTunes and you will be prompted to restore from a old backup.
lost all iPhone contacts
Option 2. Recover Lost All Contacts on iPhone by 3rd Party Software Tool
No iTunes backup? Then you may need a third party iPhone data recovery software tool to get your data back. Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is the most reputable recovery software tool to recover lost, deleted or erased contacts, Text messages, call logs, photos, notes, voice memos and Safari bookmark and so on from iPhone by a couple of mouse clicks on your computer at ease. This software is featured on It can help you deeply scan and recover your files from iPhone in minutes. You can download it from

Easy Steps to Restore Lost iPhone Contacts and Files by Using iPhone Data Recovery Tool
Step 1: Find the iTunes Backup File for your iPhone on Computer
iTunes will backup your personal files on iPhone when you sync your phone, then save them in a specific backup file. Run the recovery tool and the program will scan and show the backup data on your computer. Please select the backup for your phone then click "Start Scan".

Step 2: Start to Recover iPhone Lost Contacts
The backup file will be displayed on the screen when the the recovery tool ends scanning. Click "Contacts" on the right to see the details. Then mark the files you want to recover and click "Recover" to extract them from the backup file. Just click "Save", the recovered contacts will be recovered and saved to yoru computer at once.

It's so fast and easy to recover lost iPhone contacts, pictures, text messages, notes and call history, etc! To recover your lost iPhone data, why not have a try for the iPhone data recovery tool right now?

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How to Restore iPhone Photos,Contacts,iMessages without iTunes after Factory Restore?

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iTunes Data Recovery-Recover iPhone Deleted Data and Files with Ease

If you have an iPhone, do you like using your phone? What do you usually use your iPhone for? Taking pictures woth friends, recording videos for family party, texting SMS with girls, reading as well as sending emails for business or simply making calls with your grams? Whatever it is actually, there is something in common that there is a lot of stuff on the iPhone that you can't afford to lose. But what is you have lost or broken the iphone, or possibly you have accidentially deleted something essential that you want to retrieve. This short tutorial will show you how to make use of iTunes data recovery software to recover, or undelete, your lost iPhone data.
Before you need to do anything otherwise: Stop using your iphone , nor syncing iTunes. These directions are detailed first for a reason. In the event you keep while using iPhone or even iTunes , the deleted data files may become be permanently lost. Take note: these directions are with regard to Windows users and you need to know exactly which iPhone model you've: iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or perhaps iPhone 5.

Situations That You Need to Recover iPhone Deleted Data or Lost Files
# Your iPhone was lost or broken (Similarly, you broke the phone so badly that it has stopped working.) and you want to recover your data on the phone.
# You still have your iPhone but need to recover data from iPhone after accidentally deleted something.
# Have you lost all your files on the iPhone after factory restore it?

Ways to Recover iPhone Deleted Files or Lost Data Easily
1: Recover iPhone Data from the backup for your iPhone on iTunes
If you have made an online backup for your files via iCloud or something, you can restore your files in the same way. If you have create a backup for all your personal data on iPhone via iTunes, you can get them back easily. Simply restore from the backup. Unfortuantely, without a backup, there is very little that can be done unless you try a third party iTunes data recovery software.

2: Recover iPhone Deleted Data or Lost Files from the Computer Used to Sync through iTunes
Actually, you can recover iPhone lost or deleted data without your iPhone and even without iTunes easily. By using an iPhone data recovery tool, you can recover your contacts, text messages, call history, photos, notes, videos, etc. with only a few mouse clicks on your computer. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery seems to do a good job. (Read more about it: Download it and simply follow the easy steps below.

Open the iTunes data recovery program, switch to "Recover Data from iTunes Backup File" recovery mode. This recovery mode allows you to recover your previous data by extracting iTunes backup on the computer that you have synced your phone through iTunes.
Step 1. Select the iTunes backup file for your iPhone and click "Start Scan" to extract content on the backup file.

Step 2. After the scan, all your lost or deleted files can be found and displayed in categories. You can preview them one by one before recovery.
Then you can selectively mark and recover those you want by clicking on "Recover" button.

3: Recover Data from iPhone Directly by Using Third Party iTunes Data Recovery Program
The iTunes data recovery tools also can recover data from iPhone directly in minutes. When you open the program, "Recover Data from iOS Devices" is selected. This recovery mode allows you to scan your iPhone 5, 4s, 4 and 3gs directly to find files you accidentally deleted or lost recently.
Step 1. Connect your phone to the computer you normally sync. Follow the instrutions on the interface to enter DFU mode and click "Start" to scan the phone.
Step 2. When the scanning ends, all recoverable files are displayed in categories, like photos, notes, text messages, contacts and call history, etc. You can preview all your files one by one. If you want to recover all of them, mark them all and click "Recover" to save them on your computer with one click. After iPhone data recovery, you can import all your files back to your phone.

Data recovery (without another iphone). Despite the complexities with the iTunes back-up files, you are able to recover all your lost or deleted information with the iTunes data recovery software. As over, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery seems to do the best job. Why not have a try to recover iPhone deleted data or lost files you need? Just a few easy steps, you can make it!

Source from iPhone Data Recovery Tool to Help You Recover Data from iPhone

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How to Recover Contacts from iPhone Anyhow?

From the day I have purchased my new iPhone, I am used to save contacts from my new friends and new business partners with my iPhone anywhere I go. Last night, I knew some new friends in my brother's party, but I accidentally deleted all these contacts from my phone. I wonder is there any effective way to recover deleted contacts from iPhone?

You may "Clean Recent" call logs by mistake on your iPhone 4s and lost all your call history. Sometime, you may have to restore your iPhone 4 due to some reason and all your call history was erased. In these cases, it doesn't mean your contact deleted, you can still recover contacts from iphone after you accidentally deleted or lost them somehow.

Here are two easy methods to get your deleted or lost contacts back from iPhone:
One. Recover contacts from iPhone yourself via iTune:
1. Connect your phone with iTune on computer
2. Right-click or control-click on the iPhone icon under iDevice on iTunes
3. Select "Restore from Backup" from the given options
4. After it finishs, your contacts are back to your iPhone

Important Note: This works only if you have made a backup for your contacts on iTunes.

Two. Retrieve contacts from iPhone by using third party iPhone contact recovery software
If you have no backup for your contacts, you can download iPhone contacts recovery software in order to overcome the problem and restore iPhone contacts loss. Still you have not recovered lost contact from iPhone, some on-line applications also available which can be helpful in restoring precious contact details, probably will be able to find the solution to some extent. If you require an exact solution to the given issue download software from, use software and recover contacts from iPhone.

With the help of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery you can also do the following:
* Get contacts back from iPhone automatically within a few minutes
* Retrieve all lost or deleted contacts, SMS messages, pictures, notes, etc. from iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS
* No need of manual configuration or specific technology and skill

You can easily switch your iPhone 3gs to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s without the loss of your important contacts, You can easily upgrade your firmware without fear contact loss and it is compatible with Windows as well as Mac.

Resource from
iPhone Contacts Recovery Guide to Get Your Lost or Deleted Contacs Back

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Can Your Windows Phone Access Google Maps?

Recently, it had been reported that individuals who using Windows phone 7.X and Windows phone eight were not able to access Google Maps in Internet Explorer browser. They was automatically redirected to Google homepage.

Last night, Google responsed that Google made the decision to refocus users away from Google Maps on Windows Phone gadgets. As many users understand, Google Maps works properly on Ie for desktops. Microsoft asserted if For instance 10 might render a page, Windows Phone 8 can render Google Maps just as well. So, accessing Google Maps concern on Home windows Phone gadgets is concerning vendor choice, not internet browser capabilities.

"Recent improvements" in order to IE cell and Search engines Maps today provide far better experience as well as Google may remove the particular redirect.
Google says it'll no lengthier keep House windows Phone several.X and Windows telephone 8 users away through accessing Google Maps, which intends to make sure a excellent user experience.

Microsoft, the search and also mobile-OS giant said the following in a statement sent to another Web today:
"We regularly test Google Maps if it is compatible with cellular browsers to ensure we supply the best experience for those users.

Within our last test, IE mobile still did not offer an excellent maps knowledge about no ability to pan or perhaps zoom and perform simple map functionality. As an effect, we chose to continue in order to redirect For instance mobile people to exactly where they can at minimum make nearby searches. The actual Firefox cellular browser do offer a somewhat far better user knowledge and in which’s why there isn't any redirect for anyone users.

Latest improvements to be able to IE mobile and Search engines Maps today deliver a much better experience and that we are currently working to eliminate the refocus. We will continue to test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to guarantee the best achievable experience regarding users."

In the word, Windows phone users will be able to access Yahoo Maps quickly in buy to increase user knowledge.

If you might be using Windows Phone 7 as well as Windows phone 8, you might be worrying losing all your individual data just like photos you took with your phone, videos you made, documents with regard to your work and music an individual loved. Listed here is a easy solution for a person.

As a matter of fact, you've got a memory card (Most probably is Micro SD card) on your own Windows phone that all of your files tend to be stored there. And there are a few Windows phone data recovery software in which enable an individual recover removed, lost data on the memory card of your own Windows phone by several mouse clicks computer. (I'm using an iPhone! And apple iphone has absolutely no pluged-inside memory card! Don't worry, that is why iPhone data recovery software program designed for. ) Read more about Windows phone data recovery:

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iPhone Data Recovery-Best Software to Recover Photos,Contacts,TEXT Messages on iPhone after You Deleted or Lost

The holiday gift-giving season - Christmas' day will bring a big fresh crop of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The holiday period is the biggest buying time for most popular products in Apple. For those who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod, here to deliver a good news for you. Tenorshare today unveiled the completely new iPhone Data Recovery software with stunning interface as well as powerful iPhone data restore capacity. This brilliant iPhone data recovery tool features two iOS data recovery modes that can help you recover lost or deleted contacts, text messages, notes, photos, music, etc. from iOS devices directly without iTunes backup file or iCloud or recover from iTunes backup file if the data lost for a long time. The software is available now in Tenorshare's official website ( ) with Christmas promotion price at $69.95. Lost data from iPhone won't be a nightmare any longer. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery will help you end the panic and bring you pleasant surprises in the New Year.

What can This iPhone Data Recovery Software Do That You will Never Image
More than 11 file types available for iPhone supported: This useful iPhone file restore program not only can help you recover contacts, call history, text messages, but also photos, calendar, recordings, reminders, SMS attachments, voice memos, or even Safari bookmarks.

Two completely different iPhone data recovery modes available: You can connect iOS devices to computer directly and enter iOS device system (DFU mode) to restore recently deleted data. Or you can scan iTunes backup file to get back lost files. Two recovery modes provided, significantly increase the success rate of file recovery.
The hotest iPhone 5 and latest iOS 6 is supported: With the powerful data restore capacity, you can restore files from iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS, iPad4/The new iPad/iPad2 and iPod Touch. It supports all iOS devices with iOS 6 or older versions.

Easy to preview lost files before recovery: Tenorshare makes this program intuitive to use. It also makes it customized with preview window available. You can preview photos, text messages, contacts, call history, etc. with detailed info like date, duration and so on before recovery.

Quick to transfer data from iPhone to local computer: How can you move iPhone, iPad or iPod files to local computer and share them in other removable media? iPhone Data Recovery will do everything you wish. It can extract iOS devices files and backup them to personal computer with .xls, .txt, etc. formats. The whole process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

More Information about iPhone Data Recovery Software:
If you are one of the millions of iPhone, iPad or iPod users, it is really a good choice to have one for the price will return to original state ($139.95) after the promotion. No matter you are the new Windows 8 users or other Windows versions (7, XP, Vista, etc. and Windows servers) owners, this tool is compatible well with your operating system. You can get Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery at half price ($69.95) during Christmas promotion period (Till Jan 15th, 2013). You can learn more information from the product's webpage:

No matter disaster or accident strikes, you have no need to worry about data loss on iPhone, iPad or iPod any more. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery  is your best choice to get back your lost or deleted data from iOS devices. You Know What? It can be a pleasant and surprising New Year gift for your best friends, families or buddies, too!

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Tenorshare Software Send You Christmas Gift - Buy Any Software with Discount Up to 70%

CALIFORNIA, Dec. 10th, 2012 -- Christmas is coming soon as people are crowding elaborately decorated shops looking for Christmas gifts, Tenorshare, a renowned software innovator announced today that the Christmas Promotion is to be on stage from Dec. 15 till Jan. 15 the next year, lasting a month. With discount up to 70%, the promotion will offer discounts for all products, aiming to give more users opportunities to explore the excellent data recovery & backup, password recovery and various other solutions it offers, and helps to liven up the Christmas party.

This time you don't have to wait in the long line or drive a long way to get your desired products. Why? Tenorshare's special offers are all available on line! Pick some as Christmas gifts for friends or family while you are listening to Pink and Taylor Swift. This must be a pleasure that you don't want to miss. Tenorshare's festive treats offers up to 70% discounts and includes a variety of products. Let’s get a quick look at these attractive offerings:

Fix Genius -- Tenorshare's newest creation, an all-in-one software tool enables you to fix computer booting issues, repair crashed, corrupted Windows, recover lost data, find lost Windows password and Office product key, etc. It's no exaggeration that with Fix Genius you could be an expert in solving computer problems.

Data Recovery Professional – Tenorshare's best seller product, an easy-to-use utility that provides a complete data recovery and helps you to recover lost, deleted or formatted files from hard drive and other removable media, such as external hard drive, USB drive, etc.

iTunes Data Recovery -- An excellent iPhone data recovery program that can recover lost or deleted contacts, call history, text messages, photos and notes from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. What's more, it supports the newest iOS 6.

Windows Password Reset – A Windows password recovery tool that automatically make the Windows startup CD/DVD or USB drive for resetting Windows local and domain password. Don’t underestimate the small utility. It has won a great reputation among users for its strength in cracking Windows password.

These items are only a small part of Tenorshare’s special offerings. For those who want to buy more than one software tool, they could enjoy the bundle products. More information and details about Tenorshare’s exciting Christmas promotion, please visit

About Tenorshare
Tenorshare Co., Ltd. is the leading PC utility and multimedia software supplier dedicated to delivering various users excellent tools in the field of data recovery and operating system maintenance. The innovative and customer-focused software developer has developed a range of award-winning software, including software for data recovery, Windows system recovery, data backup and for PC users of both Windows and Mac worldwide. For more information about Tenorshare and its products, please visit

Media Contact:
Tenorshare Software Co., Ltd.
For more information:

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When Data Loss Strikes Your iPad,Possible for iPad Data Recovery?

Did you accidently deleted some files from your iPad but realized you really need them later? Or your iPad 2 didn't work in the right way and you had to restore it into factory settings with all your data on it erased? Have you ever tried to access a backup file for your iPad 3 on iTunes but just cannot since it was corruptted? Is it possible recover iPad data after you deleted or lost them somehow? If possible, how to do so? and why is possible? And now What to do?

Recovering iPad data is not as difficult as you think. It is all about how fast you try to recover your data. Wasting your time may lead to data loss since the iOS writes over the space that your files originally lacated in. So, as soon as you realize you lost or deleted something that you did't mean to, stop using your iPad. Therefore, you had better think quickly and act quickly if you want your missing or mitakenly deleted photos you took with your iPad, Ebooks you downloaded, TV shows you puchased, notes and other things back from your iPad.

Here is a good news for all iPad users that experience such kind if data loss on iPad. There are some iTunes data recoverysoftware available that can helps you recover iPad, iPhone, iPod data you lost, deleted within minutes by a few mouse clicks on your computer. The only requirement to use such recovery software is that you have synced your iDeveces with iTunes on your computer before. Because each time you sync your iDevices, iTunes will update a specialized backup file for all your personal data on the idevices which can't be viewed, opened or extract without a third party recovery software. So, the first thing you need to do is to choose a professional iTunes data recovery software. Here I recommend you one - Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery.

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery is an powerful iTunes data recovery software that capatable to restore iPad, iPhone, iPod contacts, text messages, notes, photos, videos, music, call history and so on that you accidentally deleted, lost after factory restore, even the device is broken or stolen. It works without iTunes! You can get it from

iPad data recovery can be done in a few simple and easy to operate steps on your computer (which you have synced your iDevices to). Here I set a scene that you have deleted some family pictures on your iPad 4 by mistake. Let's figure out how to recover iPad data by using this recovery software.
Step 1. After free download the iPad data recovery software, run it. Choose the device name for your iPad 4 and hint "Start Scan" to find the backup file for your iPad 4.
Step 2. If you have not only an iDevices on your computer, you will see a list of backup files for them. Select the right one for your iPad(with the device name on it). Click "Recover" to move on.
Step 3. Then all your stuff on the backup file will be showed on the interface. You are even able to preview your files there! At last, you have to choose a place that you would like to restore your files to and click "Save" to complete the process of iPad data recovery. When everything is done, all your deleted or lost iPad data is just in front of your eyes!

Video Guide for iPad Data Recovery:

So, you see? It won't take much of your time and it is very easy to use! You have no worry about data loss on your loved iPad any more! iPad data recovery software makes it easy to get lost data on your iPad as easy as a piece of cafe!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

iPhone Photo Recovery Software mades recover lost photos on iPone 4S easy

"Is it possible recover lost photos on iphone 4S? One of my friend deleted all pictures off my iphone 4S last night. I found out after I checked my phone this morning. I have no backup, but I have not taken any pictures since they were erased. I havent changed the iphone at all. Is it possible to recover them?"

Do you want to recover all your value photos took by your iphone 4S after accident deletion? Do you need to recover lost photos on your iPhone 5?Most of iPhone users don't know that they can recover deleted or lost photos on iPhone on a Mac computer.
Here I'd love to share with you how an awesome iPhone photo recovery software meant for iPhone photo recovery saved my day from a traumatizing situation. Once I was in deep hopelessness when all of a sudden I found that my life's collections of family photos vanished from my iPhone 4S! Keep reading on how I was saved from such a desperate situation.
On my frantic search on Google I find an iPhone photo recovery software- Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery, which eventually came to my rescue.

By using this powerful recovery tool, I recovered all my photos which I thought had gone for good. I found this awesome recovery software very easy-to-use and capable of recovering contacts, SMS messages, call history, music, pictures, video files lost due to deletion,improper restoration etc.

If you are trapped without a backup file of these iPhone data when disaster like above (data accidentally deleted or lost after iPhone restore) strikes, the condition can become utterly hopeless. An application like "Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery" can be a real savior in such situation. This iPhone data recovery software has been developed with advance scanning algorithms, which enable you to recover lost photos on iPhone with ease. You don't need to have any technical knowledge to use this recovery software to recover iPhone data after they are accidentally deleted or incorrectly restored.

Here is a video guide for how to recover lost photos on iPhone.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Trash Recovery - How to Restore Trash Data after Erased

"Can I recover deleted files after emptied trash on Mac 10.7 Lion?
How to retrieve deleted files emptied from trash on Mac? I hate how Mac OS X rearranges files under your fingertips in List by Name view of Finder. I trashed 30GB of files by mistake because of this! Is there any way to restore trash erased files?"

You must think the answer is No and will just stay panic about your fault. But the real answer is - You CAN restore trash deleted files right from the computer.

Once I deleted a bunch of files into trash bin and then erased them completely. In essence the files were gone. I was able to get alot of them back using some kind of trash recovery software. I scanned my iMac and recovered everything it found.
The truth is - there are common things between Mac OS X and Windows OS. To be sure wiping Mac trash can be like emptying Windows recycle trash can, and Command Delete under OS X is comparable to Shift Delete under House windows. But both methods won't remove deleted documents permanently, at least for a significant moment. When you carelessly created similar instructions, ONLY removed files are marked as "deleted" (express) by the particular index associated with file system (HFS+ together with Mac Operating system X Panthera leo) but the actual data remain kept one hundred persences intact directly on the hard disk drive of Macintosh OS X based on computer.

You can definitely you retain using your computer, those "deleted" data will certainly one evening be over-written by the new generated simply by human activity (such since store fresh sizable data files to which partition or even install new applications and so on). Once written over, those purged files are usually then right now deleted permanently. But typically it is going to take quite an occasion, sometimes months or years to attain that over-written state when the storage level of Mac hard drive is huge. In anything as long as the real data not necessarily fully coated, chances exist to restore trash files after erased.

The Most Important and very first thing you need to do - Immediately quit saving, deleting or even adding brand new file on the computer once you have wiped out the trash.

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac software helps to accomplish Mac trash recovery do-it-yourself quickly as well as securely. Not merely recovering trash data, but it's also capable to restoring trash data lost on Mac because of "Command+Delete", hard disk drive formatting, partition loss, memory card error, HFS or HFS+ file system corruption, computer virus attack and so forth.

Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac is one easy to use and powerful data recovery software for Mac OS X computer users. It can recover unlimited types of files from Mac machine and additional multiple media storage products like external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card of your mobile phone, digital camera and music players and so on! It works perfectly under Mac OS X 10.7 (Moutain Lion), 10.6,10.5 and 10.4.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

iPad Photo Recovery-My Experience to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iPad 3

Any suggestions for recovering pictures which went missing after updating ipad 3 ios to v6? I transferred photos from sd card of my digital camera to ipad and then deleted the originals from the sd card after i saw the pictures were saved in my photos album on iPad 3. Then I accepted prompt to update ios to v 6.0 which updated successfully but the photos were no longer visible on my iPad. How to get my lost photos on iPad back?
iPad photo recovery
Any trick to restore all my deleted photos? Like, restore from a previous backup on my iTuns account that I made before? But I didn't make a backup file for those pictures before I updated iOS of my iPad. I can't afford to lose those photos! They are precious memory for a family vocation with wonderful times we spent together.
I posted questions about "How to retrieve deleted photos from iPad 3" on tried to find a solution. After a few days, eventually I got one. Thank god! It did work! Some one suggestted me I could recover my pictures by using Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery, which he used before. Then I download it and gave it a try. Finally, all my photos were back! Great! You can download it from

I would like to share you the way for how I used this iPad photo recovery software to get my deleted pictures back.
Step 1. Free downloaded this software and runned it.
Step 2. Then the backup file of my iPad was showed and I clicked "Start Scan".
Step 3. When the scanning finished, the deleted pictures were showed on the interface of this software! I could even previewed every single picture I deleted before!
Step 4. Chose the photos I desired to restore and continue to click on the button of "Recover".
Step 5. At last, I "Save" thosed recovered pictures back to my iPad.

Here is a detailed video guide for iPad Photo Recovery:

See, iPad photo recovery is not as difficult as you think! Why not give it a shot!

Resource from

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* When Data Loss Strikes Your iPad,Possible for iPad Data Recovery?
* iPhone Data Recovery-Best Software to Recover Photos,Contacts,TEXT Messages on iPhone after You Deleted or Lost 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apple Income Await iPhone 5 Not iPad Mini

Analysts aren't expecting much of Apple Thursday night when this announces it's fourth-1 / 4 earnings.

The actual Cupertino business is nevertheless, of training course, going to report huge amounts of dollars inside sales whenever it reviews the results after industry closes. But analysts the fourth 1 / 4 should be observed as any transitional one fourth, while we all wait to get a spectacular initial quarter that incorporates sales of Apple's newest devices, such as the iPhone five and iPad Mini.

"The view is the fact that September quarter numbers do not matter," JP Morgan's Mark Moskowitz mentioned in some text to traders, according to CNET. "Apple can overlook or beat. It is not important."

The fourth quarter final results will only include the first nine days of iPhone five sales, CNET stated. The business is anticipated to report sales of twenty five million iPhones, of all purchases, and has recently announced which it sold 5 million i phone 5s in the first weekend break.

Analysts furthermore expected Apple company to market 17 million to eighteen million apple ipads, but several including Sterne Agee expert Shaw Wu are actually revising that number to be able to about 20 million to be able to 16 zillion.

"As using the iPhone a few launch, we feel the iPad Mini was widely expected by consumers and they may have postponed iPad buys in expectation of the brand new product," Piper Jaffray expert Gene Munster said in a note to traders, according to Investor'azines Business Every day.

Overall, Apple company is expected to post revenue of $eight.81 for each share, and revenue of $36.02 billion.

More information about iPad mini:
A beautiful display, potent A5 chip, FaceTime HD camera, iSight digicam with 1080p Hi-def video recording, ultrafast wifi, and above 275,500 apps ready to download from the App Retailer. iPad little is a great iPad in each and every way, form, and somewhat smaller form.

Perfectly size LED-backlit show.
iPad small makes something clear: Its 7.nine-inch exhibit more as compared to measures up to the full iPad encounter. View website pages in Firefox. See where you are and exactly what’s surrounding you using Maps.1 Search your photos and observe videos inside vivid fine detail. And trend hello towards the family on the FaceTime call.2 The iPad small display utilizes the same LED backlight technologies as iPad to offer you plenty of pop every square inch. And that’s completely sized to work with hundreds associated with thousands regarding apps made for iPad.

Thin and light design.
iPad mini provides everything which makes an ipad tablet an apple ipad, but that's half the size. At just 7.two millimeters, it's pad thin and also unbelievably light.3 It is possible to hold that in your own palm. And stash it in the smallest tote without another thought, so it's always close available.
Built-in apps.

Right out from the box, apple ipad mini is prepared for big things. Map your following adventure. After that shoot it in 1080p Hi-def. Ask Siri that will help you find the best pizza in town. Watch any webcast or perhaps a movie. Read a bestseller or a magazine. Check e mail. Send messages. Or stay in touch face-in order to-face more than FaceTime. You'll be amazed at just how much is created right in.

Over two hundred seventy five,000 applications from the actual App Store.
The Application Store is home to over two hundred seventy five,000 iPad apps as well as counting.four And immediately, they focus on iPad mini. But quantity is simply part with the story. They are beautiful, immersive, made-just-for-iPad apps. And these people change the way you do almost everything. You can make a spreadsheet with regard to work, make a Hollywood-type trailer just for fun, plan a lesson, strategy a journey, or merely plan a meal — all on the device it is possible to hold in a single hand.

Effective A5 chip.
iPad is renowned for its quickly, fluid overall performance, and apple ipad mini doesn'big t disappoint. It features the actual powerful as well as power-successful A5 computer chip, which tends to make everything you are doing feel sleek and normal. From the little things just like switching through app in order to app and also swiping through page to be able to page, to the big things like editing photographs, watching motion pictures, and winning contests.
10-hour battery living.

iPad mini would be a good iPad without incredible battery. Even with so much overall performance packed in to such a tiny space, it still lasts up to 10 hrs on just one charge.a few So read, watch, enjoy, write, and make whatever you would like, as long as you would like.

Wave hello with FaceTime video contacting.
With FaceTime built directly into iPad mini, you can make a video phone over '-Fi or even cellular.two The top-facing The facetime HD digital camera gives everyone a great view individuals, while the particular iSight camera on the back lets a person show other folks what you're viewing. So even if you're out leading to, your friends and family are by no means out of the loop. You can hear each and every laugh to see every laugh. And with all the 7.9-inch exhibit, you've got ample screen to take the whole scene. You can also use leading-facing camera for using self-portraits or documenting 720p HD video.

Report HD video in complete 1080p.
A great impromptu performance on the particular subway, the winning chance at your daughter'utes soccer video game, an amazing 360-diploma view from the top from the mountain — the iSight camera on ipad tablet mini allows you to capture all these unpredictable, gorgeous, spectacular moments. In 1080p HD, no much less. The roomy iPad little display gives you a great view regarding whatever an individual’re cinematography. And together with automatic video clip stabilization, your own recording is free of charge of protrusions and rattles. So your videos tend to be instantly ready to share.

Blast 5-megapixel still photos.
The five-megapixel iSight camera features any backside illumination sensor in which captures fantastic-looking images whether by sunlight or candlelight. Whenever you shoot pictures, the big, beautiful iPad mini display becomes a huge, beautiful finder — giving you a large number of area to write your chance. Autofocus, faucet to emphasis, and tap to established exposure features mean each and every photo you're taking instantly becomes frameworthy. Sufficient reason for built-in face diagnosis that instantly balances concentrate and exposure across around 10 encounters, there'utes more area for more grins. Therefore everyone look at iPad little and state "Cheese."

Tips for You:
Accidentally deleted photos on your iPad? After restore iPad into factory settings, all your notes, photos, videos and music files are gone? Can I recover lost or deleted data from iPad? And How?

Look at this tutorial for iPad data recovery:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mac Data Recovery - The Trick You Should Know

Is there a way to recover data deleted on a mac? I have heard that there are some data recovery software available to do so. NEED to recover the data i just accidentally deleted a little while ago, HELP! Emptied the trash as well... thats what i meant by "deleted".

Data loss, everyone's experienced this type of situation. We occasionally find out how our document lost, although sometimes we do not know the reason why. Here We have gathered some common information loss scenarios for Macintosh users. If you are in the positioning of information loss, uncover the reason exactly why is responsible because of it individually as follow.

To avoid data damage, the easiest way is to be able to backup crucial data. However what in the event you haven't get hold of a backup. You would then need Mac data recovery software. 
Regardless how much compliment the Macintosh OS gets, there are some things that Apple company cannot change - Mac is actually operated by people, and people make errors. A easy distraction may send valuable files into the void and that is where a data restoration program is important. Compared to be able to Windows, handful of data recovery programs exist for Macs. Factors of information loss might be diverse, such as system collision, software conflict, accidentally deletion, hard push corruption, and so forth. Therefore, you'll need one full and specialist Mac information recovery computer software which can recover your entire lost data from Mac pc machine. We highly advise Tenorshare Data Recovery which can recover erased, formatted information from hard disk drive, portable devices within a few clicks. You can get it from

The processes for Mac data recovery is a bit different according to how you lost your files. See the step-by-step guide.
1. Download as well as install the program on a separate partition in the formatted hard drive. Otherwise, this program will overwrite the lost info. (If you should recover data files from easily transportable device, connect it directly into your PC.)
2. For recouping deleted info, choose "Deleted Recovery"; with regard to recovering files from formatted hard push or partition, choose "Format Recovery".
3. Choose the disk you should recover.
4. Click "Check" to lookup the lost files on this disk.
5. When the application form completes the actual scan from the hard generate, review the list of identified files and also pick those you desire to clone with other partition.
6. Click "Recover" and designate the route for the particular recovered documents.
Tips: Don't replicate them right back onto the methodically arranged/deleted drive as this may overwrite the data during the actual copy.
7. Simply click "OK" to accomplish Mac photo recovery.

Get more help if you need Mac information recovery through contacting me personally.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tips on How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone From My Personal Experience

I and my families took a bunch of pitures on a family party last week, had some iPhone issues last weekend and ended up having to restore from a back-up. I did not synced my photos to my Mac - Is it possible that they are still on my iPhone, if anywhere? Anyway, all of the photos I'd taken since my last back-up are gone, but I'm wondering if they are still anywhere on my phone....

Don't worry if you have the same thing happen to your iPhone. There are two way to recover deleted or lost photos from iPhone device with ease. 
Method 1: Retrieve deleted photos from iphone with previous backup
Firstly, connect the iPhone to iTunes ( if not set to automatically back up when connected).
Secondly, back your iPhone data. Right click on your iPhone under devices and click "Back Up".
Thirdly, to restore from a previous backup, right click on yoru iPhone under Devices in iTUnes and click "Restore from Backup".
Next, you can then choose which iPhone backup file you want to restore from.

Totally awesome that iTunes offers us iPhone, iPod and iPad users recent backup point to restore lost or deleted data.

Method 2: Get back deleted photos from iPhone with data recovery software
What if you didn't have enough time to make a back up file for photos on your iPhone? Then you had better pray you have sync your iPhone with iTunes before you lost your photos. Only if you have do that, you can get the deleted or lost photos back with some kind of iPhone data recovery software. In this case, I had recover deleted photos from iphone 4S by using Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery. It features a user-friendly interface that make it easy-to-use. With a few mouse clicks, I got all my family pictures back! Oh, yep, don't expect to get back deleted photos from iPhone for free! Like do not expect to get a free application from Apple Store. :)

That is all for how to recover deleted photos from iphone. You may choose the method that fit your situation.

There are always some natural and man-made calamities that take place whenever and wherever. I guess my situation is the exact reason why one should back up data regularly. So, there is no gurantee for your iPhone data, only if you make backup for your important thing on iPhone for every second. Therefore, why not get an iPhone data recovery software to prevent data loss from your iPhone? Here is a refered site for you to learn more about it:

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hero Lee

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Day is Coming Soon Tomorrow

The latest iPhone - iPhone 5 is expected to release on September 12. Yes, it is just tomorrow. So, don't be so excited to have a look at it! And what should we Apple fans expect to it? I found a few rumored iPhone 5 features on the web to share with you all.

1 A larger and taller screen
One of most popular iPhone 5 rumors surfaced again when it is reported that Apple has been testing a taller display for its next handset. iOS development tools are simulated a 640x1,136-pixel-resolution screen, which gave the phone five rows of icons stacked vertically above the dock, instead of the four displayed with iOS 5.

2 A stockpile of SIMs
Wireless carriers in Europe are stockpiling nano-SIM chips in anticipation of Apple including the new technology in the next iteration of the iPhone. Smaller than regular SIM cards, they could allow Apple to include a bigger battery in its next handset.

3 Completely redesigned headphones
The flimsy white earbuds that come bundled with every iPhone are often criticized for their tinny sound and poor durability. But now, there is a video of what it claims to be a brand new set of Apple headphones - allegedly obtained from a Foxconn plant in the country. The headphones, which are reportedly more comfortable than the current model, have the appearance of a "horse's head," with a more-streamlined profile and white plastic surrounding the speakers. While we can't vouch for the authenticity of the video, says MacRumors, it's worth noting that this Vietnamese website has a proven track record of obtaining Apple prototypes pre-release.
4 Double the storage
One of most iPhone customers's expects is a higher-capacity iPhone. Our dream may be going to come true. 1GB RAM will be compatable for iPhone 5. Through a "reliable source," it is said that the iPhone 5 will include a whopping 1GB of RAM and a voice-control system known as the Assistant.

5 6.4G LTE... and a better battery
The new iPhone will be equipped with 6.4G LTE capabilities. Though the previous 4S was expected to come with the technology, it sported the 3G-ish technology, HSPA+, instead.

6 A new dock adapter
As rumors of a smaller iPhone dock swirl around, iLounge reported that Apple has kept third-party accessory makers in the dark about its specs, essentially calling dibs on an adapter that users can buy to accommodate their old chargers with the new iPhone. Not only will the new iPhone sport an 8-pin connector, but also new iPad and iPod units will have it, too.

Do you know what? The new iPhone will debut with the exact same price as always! It is reported that the iPhone 5 may be initially offered at the same price as the iPhone 4S when it first debuted. The device will come with the familiar $199 to $399 price tag that is the same as last springs's iPhone. So if you're worried that you'll have to pay more for the brand new iteration, you can relax...for now, until tomorrow-the real iPhone 5 release date.


Friday, August 31, 2012

Music Recovery Software Review by a Satisfied Customer

Are you in love to enjoy music in your iPod or MP3 music player? Have you ever been in trouble of music loss? Maybe you delete a complete album on your iPod Touch accidentally; maybe the iPod just stopped working; maybe you had to restored iPod and all your purchased music are gone! If your songs are free downloaded from the internet or your DVD, it's OK to get one copy again, but what we should do if your songs are purchased from iTunes or some other music store or they are limited or rare to download. It sucks to lose all your music collections.

Here is a good news for all music enthusiast. The simplest and quickest way to recover music files is using music recovery software. Here I would love to share a comprehensive data recovery software named Tenorshare Data Recovery that recovered my lost purchased songs from my iPod.

Tenorshare Data Recovery can easily recover previously deleted or lost music files and other audio files (supporting audio file formats: .mpg,.wmv,.wav,.mid and more) from hard drives, camera cards, USB's or other removable drives, MP3, MP4 music player, iPod and iPod Touch.

When you notice music loss accident happen, just stop using your music player at once. Connect it with your computer. Only if your computer is able to recognize the music player, you are able to recover your lost songs and other audio files.

To recover music files you deleted or lost on iPod, MP3 or MP4 music player, follow these steps:
Step one: Download this music recovery software from Launch it, and choose a module according to how you lost music. Here I take "Raw Recovery" for example.
Step two: Choose the volume where there are music files.
Step three: Select the file types like "Music" to start "Scan". You will see your music files very soon.
Step four: Choose the files that you want to get back and press the "Recover" button.
Step five: Select a destination to save recovered music files. All done.

In case you happen to be in need of music recovery, give a shot for music recovery software that enable you to recover lost, deleted music files.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hard Drive Data Recovery Easy Guide for You

Nowadays, no matter you are a man or woman, young or old, you can't live without computer. We work with computer, study with computer, enjoy our life by using computer! And it is known that all our data on a computer is stored on the hard drive. But at some points, data loss accident may occur unexpectedly. You may delete files with "shift + delete". The hard drive of your computer just crashed without any omen. You formatted a corrupted partition that you can't access. And what's worst, you have no backup for all your data! What would happen next? You are losing your data!

Oh, don't panic! Here is a good news. You can get all your data back! By using a professional hard drive data recovery software, you can easily recover deleted, lost, inaccessible or formatted documents, pictures, videos, music and other types of files on the hard drive of your computer, external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. Tenorshare Data Recovery Enterprise can do such jobs for you.

This recovery software has a smart seaching engin that can deeply scan the hard drive to look for recoverable data for you. With easy-to-operate functions and user-friendly interface, you can even preview your recoverabe files!

Here I show you how easy is to perform hard drive data recovery.
Step 1: Get a free download of this hard drive recovery program and launch it on your computer.
Step 2: Select a recovery mode to continue hard drive recovery. For instant, Deleted Recovery is to recover deleted files.
Step 3: Choose the disk you wanna recover data from. Click "Scan" to start searching for lost data.
Step 4: Tick the files you want to get back. You can preview your files to choose the ones to recover.
Step 5: Click on "Recover" and your data will be recovered.
Step 6: Choose a destination folder to save the recovered data. The last thing to do, click "Ok" to be done.

1. If the size of hard drive is big, like 150 TB, 200TB, you may need to be patient to wait for the scanning process to be completed HDD data recovery.
2. To save recovered files, remember to save them on your computer hard drive or a secondary storage device like external hard drive, USB flash drive, but not the same disk where you lost data, for safe considering.

For More Information:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tenorshare Data Recovery Program Offers Free Trial to Download

Have you ever encountered such situations?
1. Deleted documents on your USB flash drive or "Shift" deleted files on computer but want to get them back.
2. Formatted a wrong partition or external hard drive without backing up data there.
3. Lost all your music, videos, notes, messages on your iPhone, iPod or iPad due to accidental deletion, idevice restore, iOS crash, etc.
4. Wanna recover deleted photos, videos or music files from your Samsung Galaxy / HTC / Nokia / LG mobile phone or Canon Powershot / Sony Cybershot / Kadak Easyshare digital camera.
5. Windows OS won't start up on your PC, you're worrying about losing all your data.

In these cases, you may feel headache what to do to retrieve data that you can't afford to lose. Then you are in luck, here is the most effective and quickest solution to relieve your pain. All you need is a professional data recovery tool! Here I recommend you a well-known one - Tenorshare Data Recovery.

Tenorshare Data Recovery program offers all home and business computer users complete solutions to recover deleted files or data lost due to a quick/complete format, hard drive crash, virus affection, unexpected machine power off and software crash. With a easy-to-operate interface and smart searching engine, you can recover lost data easily by using Tenorshare Data Recovery program. You know what? You can even preview the recoverable pictures after the scanning progress is finished.

Are you still in trouble of data loss? Why not download Tenorshare Data Recovery free trial to get rid of data disaster right now! Or you are just worrying about losing your important data? With this must-have data recovery software, you have no need to worry about it any more! Get it now to relieve your pain and worry!

Tenorshare Data Recovery download

Fully supports Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 servers and Mac OS X 10.3/10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7 Lion/10.8 Moutain Lion

For More Information:

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Terrific Free Software to Rescue Data for You

Whether you have such painful experiences that you accidently deleted important files from your computer, memory card, USB flash drive, or virus/malware attacked your PC and deleted some data? Or have you emptied the Recycle Bin or trash? You can rescue data by using data recovery software. This article lists some of best data rescue software to quickly and safely undelete data without specialized skills needed.

1. Recuva
Recuva is light-weight yet powerful data rescue software with wizard-driven interface. It enables you to recover data from hard drives, external drives and memory cards, even your iPod. It supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008/2003, and older Windows versions like 2000, NT, ME, and etc.

2. Glary Undelete
Glary Undelete is very easy to use for you if you just want to do simple data recovery. With the easy "Folder" view, a Windows Explorer-style view of recoverable files, and a "State" indication for each file, it increase the simplicity for you to rescue files from hard drive, and any portable media including memory card, USB drive, and so on. One of its disadvantages is that you are asked to install a toolbar (of course, you can decline). It doesn't works well in Windows 7.

3. PC Inspector File Recovery
PC Inspector File Recovery is another good free data recovery program to recover most hard drives, external drives, memory cards. I list it here because it recovers files with arguable "deeper" search than any other similar free software. However, it is not so easy to use and takes a long time to scan. Moreover, it doesn't support Windows Vista.

True, sometimes free data recovery programs can resolve your basic file recovery requirements, but almost all of them have these or those limitations. What if you need to enjoy other functions? Tenorshare Data Recovery is the very data rescue program that enables to recover data from any hard drives, external hard drives, memory cards, and any other storage devices. It can rescue files, photos, videos, audios, and even partitions in Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008/2003 and Mac 10.3 OS X and above, including the latest Mac mountain lion 10.7 operating systems.

Well, let us to see how this data recovery software works:

Firstly, choose your recover mode based on your practical need. (Here, we take "recover deleted files" for example).
Secondly, choose the partition where your lost files located before. And then click "Scan".
Thirdly, the lost files will be listed after a while. You need to tick the files you want to recover.
Fourthly, click "Recover" and specify the location you need to save your recovered file in.
Fifthly, hit "OK" to confirm your actions.

It is not difficult for us to conclude that Tenorshare Data Recovery is the most features-rich program for every level of computer user to undelete data. What are you waiting for? Just try it.

For more information:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What can Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac Do for You?

Deleted something important on your iPod Touch? Or failed updating iTunes on your iPod? A lot of Apple product users may come across data loss on their iPod, iPhone, iMac, iPad or Macbook. Are you urgent to recover your lost data? Is there any software apps available for data recovery?

You're luck, there are some Mac data recovery software that can recover lost, deleted, formatted data from iPod, iPhone, iMac, iPad or Macbook with ease. Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac is one of such powerful recovery software.
Mac Data Recovery Software

With Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac, you can recover photos, videos, songs and other audio files from your Apple devices as long as you synced them with iTunes before. You can get it from

You can follow these step-by-step instructions to start file recovery.
Step one. Download this terrific application Mac data recovery program, start it up and you will find it has a very user-friendly interface, four options state individually, and you will see your hard disk appear by default in the task list.
Step two. Select "picture" and hard disk, click "Start Scan".
Step three. When finish scanning, you'll see a file listing that shows recoverable files on your disk. Pictures and music files can be previewed before recovery, too.
Step four. Click "Recover" and you'll then be asked to select a folder within which all photos will be saved. Select the folder and click "Save" to save your recovered stuff.(Here, we advice you save your photos to other removable devices like USB, pen drive, etc. to reduce the risk of data overwritten.)

As you can see, data recovery on Mac can be finished by a few clicks with the mouse in your hand! Why not give it a shot and get your files back now!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are You in Need of Data Recvery for Mac or Windows?

* Restored your iPod nano into factory settings because it stuck in recovery mode, but all your purchased songs are gone! How to recover them?
* Deleted all pictures and video files on your Canon/Nikon/Sony digital camera or Samsung Galaxy / HTC Incredible / iPhone 4 S mobile phone by mistake?
>>”memory card not formatted, do you want to format it now?” When your camera is connecting with computer, such message appeared, how to recover your pictures, videos on it?
* Deleted documents and emptied the trash on your Mac OS X based on PC? Or cleaned the recycle bin on your Windows PC but desire to get your files back?
* Formatted external hard drive or USB flash drive but want to get data back?
* Lost data on your USB flash drive or external hard drive after you forget to safely eject it from your PC? Get back your data with this recovery software.

It is heart-breaking to losing your priceless documents, photos, videos and music files on your computer, external hard drive, USB flash drive, iPod, iPhone, iPad, memory card on your digital camera and mobile phone. But don’t worry if you have come across such data loss situations above.
Data Recovery for Mac & Windows

Data Recovery for Mac & Windows Solution
The most efficient to get your data back is relying on data recovery software. Tenorshare Data Recovery is such a profession yet easy to use data recovery software that can recover your deleted, formatted, lost, corrupted and inaccessible data from PC, USB drive, external hard drive, memory card on your mobile phone & digital camera, MP3/ MP4 music player, and other storage media.

This data recovery program has two versions for all computer users, Tenorshare Data Recovery for Windows and Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac. Windows version is compatible with Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/7 and Mac version is able to recover data on Mac OS X 10.3 and above including the latest Mac OS X 10.7 based on PC.

Easy-to-operate Data Recovery for Mac and Windows Guide
Recovering data within several simple steps, just as easy as counting 1 2 3. No any prior recovery experience needed.
1. Download Tenorshare Data Recovery on your PC and install it.
2. Open this recovery application on "Start" and select the drive your lost data on.
3. "Scan" the drive to look for your files.
4. Tick the files you want to recover and click "Recover" to start data recovery.
5. Select a destination folder to save your recovered data. Click "OK" to complete data recovery.

If you are in need of data recovery for Mac or Windows, why not give it a shot! Don't hesitate and Recover your files Now!

For More Information:

Friday, May 18, 2012

Easy Data Recovery on Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone

Your Samsung Galaxy I1900 mobile phone is the third hand on your body! You use it extensively, taking pictures with families or your friends, recording videos for your birthday party or a wonderful show, enjoying music from the internet, etc. But what if you have deleted all of your photos, videos and songs by accident on your mobile? Or formatted the SD card of your phone by mistake? I can image that how heartbreaking it is to lose all your amazing memory which seems like a diary of your current life. Is it a way to recover pictures, videos or songs you deleted or lost on your mobile phone? Yes, it is! There are some mobile data recovery software available to so.
Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone
Method 1: If you have a memory card (Most of them are Micro SD cards.), it is easier to recover your files.
Step 1. Take out the SD card off your Samsung Galaxy Note phone, put it into a card reader. Plug the card reader into your computer. Or connect your phone with your pc directly via USB cable. Why you need to do so is to make your phone or memory card appear in "My Computer".
Step 2. Download a mobile data recovery software, here I recommend you Tenorshare Data Recovery, simply because I had tried it and it worked. And install it on your computer and launch it.
Step 3. Open Tenorshare Data Recovery and scan your SD card to get your photos, videos and songs back.

Method 2: If your files are saved o n the phone memory or you can say built-in SD card, you need to follow below instructions to make your Samsung phone show as a drive letter on y our PC.
Step 1. Connect your phone with PC via USB cable. A USB icon will appear in the notification area at the top of the phone screen.
Step 2. Pull down the notification and tap "USB connected".
Step 3. Tap "Mount" on the dialog box that's displayed.
Step 4. Two removable drives will show up on my PC; one for the built-in SD card, and the other is the expansion/external SD card.
Step 5. Continue Step 2 in Method 1.

Are you in need of data recovery on your mobile phone? Why not try the above methods to recover your files from mobile phone?

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Easy Way to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung Galaxy Note Mobile Phone

"A couple days ago, I record some videos for my close friends via my new Samsung Galaxy Note. When I got home and reviewed them, I clicked "Deleted All" by mistake. Is there any way to recover deleted videos on mobile phone? I had a 8G micro SD card on it, if that matters. "

Here is good news for you! There are video recovery software available to recover deleted, lost videos on your computer, laptop, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card on your mobile phones and digital cameras. Tenorshare Data Recovery is one of such videos recovery software. It supports video formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, FLV.

Video Recovery

Follow these instructions to recover video from your mobile phone:

Take out the SD card of your Samsung Galaxy Note mobile phone, and put it into a card reader. Plug it into your computer. Or connect your mobile phone with PC directly in the USB drive mode to get your memory card appears as a drive letter(like G:/ drive) in My Computer.
Step 1. Download this recovery software for free and run it on your Windows computer;
Step 2. Select a recovery mode list on the interface of Tenorshare according to your individual need. Deleted Recovery is available for deleted data recovery, Format Recovery is available for formatted data recovery. For video recover, you can go to Raw Recovery.
Step 3. Select file types. On the right side of Tenorshare's interface, there is a "Scan for all" list for documents, video, music, pictures. Tick "Video" and click "Scan" to wait for the scanning;
Step 4. Select the files you want to recover. And click "Recover" to start video recovery.
Step 5. Save your recovered videos. Select a path folder to save your videos. And click "OK" to finish video recovery.

What this recovery software also can do:
Recover photos, videos from memory card on digital camera;
Restore lost, deleted files on computer, external hard drive, USB flash drive;
Retrieve music files, videos and pictures from iPod after restore to factory settings;
Restore partitions on your computer that were deleted, formatted or corrupted.

Now, you know how to recover deleted videos on the memory card of your Samsung Galaxy Note phone. If need, don’t hesitate! Grab it and recover your videos now!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Fixing Memory Card Error and Repairing Corrupted Memory Card on Your Camera

Nowadays, people widely take usages of memory cards on digital media devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, game consoles and camcorders, etc. to store photos, videos and songs. Due to its easy accessibility and portable storage of data, it is getting more and more popular to transfer data from portable digital media devices to their computer. But occasionally people get some unknown error messages on the screen of their devices or computer while accessing memory card contents for view or even further processing that result in inaccessible files. One typical error message about memory card is 'Memory card error'. It is crucial to fix such errors for quick data accessing and also to prevent any data loss situation.

There are other memory card errors shows up like:
»'Card not initialized'
» 'Card error'
» 'Read error' or 'Write error'
» 'No memory card'
» 'The card cannot be used'

Why Memory Card Error Happens
Memory card errors may occur caused by different reasons, ranging from memory card data structure corruption to human wrong operation, most common factors of memory card errors are as follow:< » Power off while data is writing into a memory card » Take out memory card from media devices while data is being written off » Batteries running out as files are being transferred » Remove memory card from a card reader that being plugged on PC » Using a memory card which has not been formatted » Quick shooting and deleting images when memory card is full Whatever you want to do to fix the memory card error, the first and most important thing you have to do is to stop using the memory card to prevent from overwriting your data which will make data erased permanently, and then figure out how to fix memory card error as fast as possible.

Fix Memory Card Error Problem
Here are easy step-by-step guide for you:
» Get a card reader for your memory card. Put your card into the card reader and connect it with your PC.
» Download a data recovery tool and install it on your pc. There are four steps to do:
1. Select Deleted Recovery (If you want to recover deleted files). It will take you a few minutes to scan your SD card; (Format Recovery, for recovering files from formatted memory card; Partition Recovery for recovering lost, deleted, corrupted partitions; Raw Recovery is available for logical damaged or corrupted memory card file recovery.)
2. You can see all recoverable files listed on the task window, click the files you want to get back;
3. Select a path folder for the recovered files to save in;
4. Click "OK" to finish memory card data recovery;
5. Format the memory card to repair corrupted memory card.
» If card reader can't get it recognized, you have to check the card for problems. You can check media errors on your memory card using Disk Repair utilities, such as CHKDSK in Microsoft Windows and Disk Utility in Mac OS X operating system.
» If the above steps fail to fix memory card errors, you have no choice but to format it.

No worry about memory card errors and losing your data, you can recover memory card data with memory card recovery software with ease in minutes. Memory card recovery software can deeply scan your logical damaged memory card and recover your images, videos and music files.

For Windows users, you can use Tenorshare Data Recovery (for Windows). For Mac users, you can use Card Data Recovery For Mac, which can recover deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible files including images, videos and songs from Mac, memory card and other storage devices.

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