Thursday, February 23, 2012

Recovering Deleted Files on Windows PC is A Easy Job

As one of billion PC users, we all know that after you deleted data, it will go to the Recycle Bin rather than erased permanently. And we are able to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin easily. But what comes about if we emptied Recycle Bin later, or deleted data from Recycle Bin, or those files just didn't go to Recycle Bin once they have been deleted. Is there any way to recover deleted files from emptied recycle bin?

Don’t panic! All your deleted files and folders (even you deleted them from Recycle Bin) are still stored on your computer. Your file system only signs the space your deleted files were located on as available for new data to take up. Therefore, you are still able to recover deleted files only if you don’t write any new files there to write over the files you want to get back. So, the very first and important thing you should do is to stop using your PC. Any thing you do may be overwrite your deleted files. You have to recover those deleted files as fast as possible to prevent permanent data loss. 
Recovering deleted files from emptied recycle bin is easy.
 Recover files deleted with “Shift + Delete”
Deleting files with “Shift + Del” key is in the same working principle, even though your deleted files won’t go into recycle bin. What’s more, some big file or folder are too big for recycle bin, so when you delete them, they are “permanently deleted” like you deleted them with “Shift + Delete”. But there are no different with the method that you deleted your files. You can restore deleted files easily. The fastest and simplest method to recover deleted files is using a professional data recovery program. There are quite a few programs available on the internet, Tenorshare Data Recovery is one of famous and cheap one. I take it as an instance to show you easy step by step guide to perform deleted file recovery.

1.  Get a free trial version of Tenorshare Data Recovery and launch it on your PC. One very important tip for you, do not install it on the same drive (Files deleted from recycle bin were on C: drive. So don’t install the file recovery software on C: drive) in order to prevent from writing-over your deleted files.
2.  When you run this program, a list of drives of your PC shows up. Select the drive where your files were deleted from, and click “Scan” to begin deleted file recovery. It will deeply scan your PC to look for deleted files you want to recover.
3.  After the scan was done, all recoverable files will be presented before you. Choose files you want to restore and then press 'Recover' to start recovering deleted files.
4.  Click “OK” key to finish the process. Within seconds, you can restore deleted files from your computer.

You see, that's it. You can recover deleted files as easy as a piece of cafe. Why not give it a shot to check it out!

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