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How to Recover Music from iPod?-iPod Recovery

iPods are quite popular with the global music lovers. Apple introduced iPods with the aim of meeting the requirements of users across the world. iTunes is the interface application that enables the iPod to interact and synchronize with computer system. You can use iTunes to sync all music files and folders of computer. However, it fails to sync and display errors. One of the possible reasons of iPod music corruption might be disk structure corruption that might force you to reformat it or restored it back to factory settings. After coming across this situation, you need to restore lost data from backup. But if in case the backup doesn't helps you restore the required data, you need to use iPod recovery software. In case of iPod music corruption, you might come across the following error messages with your Windows:

"iPod name" cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found."
After the occurrence of the above-mentioned message, your iPod might fail to sync. The reason behind this failure might be many, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Corrupt ‘Photo Cache' folder
2. iTunes installation files are corrupt or deleted
3. Music files in iTunes library are corrupt
4. Issues with USB connection
5. Issues with Computer Firewall or installed Anti-virus
6. Outdated Windows installation
7. Disable Disk use in iTunes
8. Damaged iPod disk structure

In order to resolve the above-mentioned issues, you can use the following resolutions:
1. Delete the corrupt 'Photo Cache' folder. In order to do so, click Start > Search > All files and folders and type ‘Photo Cache' to search the same on hard disk drive. After finding the file, deleted it.
2. Disconnect your iPod from computer and remove ‘iTunes' as well as ‘QuickTime' using ‘Add or Remove programs' feature in Control Panel. After this use Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove all their installation files from computer. You must then install latest version of iTunes and QuickTime
3. Locate and delete corrupt files from iTunes library
4. Resolve USB issues by first connecting your iPod to the rear port and if this doesn't resolves the issue, perform steps such as reinstalling or updating USB drivers and using a new USB cord
5. Allow iTunes on your computer's security/firewall programs
6. Update your Windows with latest updates and service packs available online
7. You can try enabling disk use in iTunes
8. If the issues continue to haunt, disk structure might be damaged. Connect your iPod and run chkdsk. If this doesn't resolve the query, reformat the iPod and restore lost data from backup.

In case the data backup is not available in a healthy condition or is not available, then you can use Tenorshare iPod Recovery to recover music from iPod. This iPod music recovery software can be used to restore lost data in all logical data loss situations. Avoid using iPod after you have lost or deleted data from it as this might result in permanent data loss by overwriting the previous data. Retrieve the deleted audio and video files from iPod are now easy with iPod recovery software.

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