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How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows by Yourself Easily! —Partition Recovery

Data loss is one of the most common and frustrating problems faced by computer users. The problem is magnified when you need to recover lost data from deleted partition. Not only is the data marked as deleted, the entire hard drive sector where the data located in before is no longer existed in the partition table and is likely even overwritten by new data. In fact, deleted data on a Windows system is not completely wiped out until is written over by new data. As long as you take action immediately before it is too late, You can recover data from deleted partition by yourself!

The first and most important thing you should do is leaving everything alone. Don't do anything else to your computer! Don't add anything or install anything.

If you have a backup of your deleted partition, you can recover it for free. After you delete a partition, all information is lost. However, you can recover your files and program by using a Windows installation DVD.

Place the installation DVD into your computer's drive. Reboot the computer with the DVD in the drive. Press the spacebar on your computer when the DOS prompt asks if you want to boot to the DVD.

Choose your keyboard settings and language on the first screen's drop-down boxes. Click "Next." Be careful here! Click "Repair Your Computer" rather than installing Windows. This skips the installation and moves to the recovery of deleted partition.

Click the operating system you want to restore in the list box on the next window. Click "Next." The next window is the Recovery Console screen, which lists several options for Windows repair. Click "System Image Recovery."
Switch the Windows installation DVD for the recovery image disk and point the Recovery Console to the disk location. If you have the partition on the hard drive or on an external drive, point to the drive location and backup file. Click "Restore" to start the recovery process.

This may or may not fix the problem. If the partition is not back, move to the next method. Remove the hard drive and install it as a slave on another computer operating Windows. You can attempt to recover the deleted partition on the original computer but it is not the safest way to avoid losing data. If this method does not work or you do not wish to attempt this method, move to the next method.

Recover deleted partition easily without any technique

Along with the rapid development of information technology, here is a good news that there is a number of data recovery software available for Windows to recover data from hard drive and most of data recovery program works whether the data was accidentally deleted or if it is on a partition that no longer exists. What this means to you? You can retrieve data from deleted partition with data recovery tool by yourself easily without any technique!

Retrieve deleted partition with partition recovery software only by a few clicks
Tenorshare Data Recovery is such kind of advanced partition recovery program to recover deleted partition. It can recover data after deeply scanning your hard drive to look for lost data due to accidentally deleted, formatted, damaged, lost, corrupted partitions. Within a few clicks, you can recover all your data from deleted partition with this partition recovery tool.

Install it in your primary drive under instructions and Run it.

Part I: Backup partition table
You had better get into the habit of keeping a backup copy of the FAT every time when you repartition a hard disk. Keeping a backup copy before recovering is also suggested.

Step 1: Select “Partition Recovery”. Choose a hard disk and click “Backup Partition Table”;
Step 2: Select a safe location to save the backup file.

Part II: Restore partition table
If you have kept a backup copy of the FAT, you only need to recover the backup file and then you can see target hard disk will appear in My Computer again.
Step 1: Select “Partition Recovery”. Choose a hard disk and click “Restore Partition Table”;
Step 2: Select the backup file you have made .Click “Open file” to start recovering;
Step 3: Click “OK” to restart your PC or Select “Cancel” to continue your operation.

Part III: Recover partition table
If you didn’t keep a backup copy of the FAT, you can use Tenorshare Data Recovery to scan the entire disk to determine the partition layout on the hard disk and recreate the partition table.
Step1. Select “Partition Recovery”. Choose a hard disk and click “Recover Partition Table”.
Step2. The file will list in the taskbar automatically. Click “Recover” to recover.
Step3. Click “OK” to identify recovery or “Cancel” to exit operation.
Step4. Click “OK” to restart your PC or Select “Cancel” to continue to recover other files.

It is amazing! Isn't it? Download a trial version of it to scan your hard drive for free to check out whether your data can be retrieved!

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