Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Data Retrieval--Recover Deleted Photos from Digital Camera's Memory Card?

Taking many beautiful pictures in your vocation and looking forward to showing them to your family. However, your young daughter somehow monkey with the camera and deleted all the pictures. Press the “Format” button instead of deleted button and wipe your card clean which holds precious photos about the family reunion. 

Such things often happen in our daily life. It is really depressing if we can’t get back these precious images. 

Fortunately, today’s digital camera usually store your pictures separately on a flash memory card. The most commonly memory cards like SmartMedia, Memory Stick, SD, CF are often seen in digital camera. Owing to them, retrieve pictures from digital camera becomes possible for memory cards just like floppy disk or computer hard drive don’t permanently erase a file once it has been deleted, instead they remove the file and list its space as available, re-usable space. Therefore, unless the space is taken by other pictures or files, it will still be there and you can get them back again. 

Deleting or formatting won't make the data erased permanently.Those deleted data are still stored in the storage devices. it's just invisible or inaccessible.As long as those data are not overwritten by new data, it's highly possible to recover them. The most effective way is to rely on some data recovery program.

First, stop shot anymore and no deletion. Because once you continue to use your camera, or reformatted your memory card, pictures probably are overwritten with new ones. Get out of your memory card and connect it to your PC. Sometimes, a memory card reader is needed. Once the card appears as a drive letter in “my computer”, you may download a small photo recovery software I am using now.    

It can Recover Photos Lost Due to

Accidental deleting
» "Shift + Del" without backup
» "Delete All" when deleting not-so-good photos
» Delete pictures instead of saving by accidentally pressing wrong button
» Emptying Recycle Bin without backup 

» "Media/Drive is not formatted would you like to format now?"
Virus infection/attack
Unexpected power off 

Other reasons
» Factory setting of device
» Losing photos during transferring photos from storage device to PC/laptop
» Pulling out card while the camera is on
» Turning off the camera during a write process

Simply install it on your PC under the wizard. Run it. You can see the fresh interface with four functions divided. 

Within four steps, you can get back your pictures:
1. Select deleted recovery. It will take you a few minutes to scan your memory card;
2. You can see all deleted images listed on the task window, check the deleted photos you want to recover; 
3. Select a path folder for the recovered pictures;
4. Click “OK” to finish photo recovery.

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